Lesvos Climbing & Hiking Club

Lesvos Climbing & Hiking Club

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Saturday, 04 June 2016 10:04

Unknown Lesvos South Coastline Trek

The route, a 3 Days Trek, will involve trekking through the south coastline of Lesvos!

We will start from Tarti and we will move towards the west at Plomari village and other villages arround this area until Melinta (see the map).

The south coastline of Lesvos cannot be reached by car. It is completely pure and isolated. It overlooks the Ageans sea with wildy curved bays that can hide any number of pirates.

To see the Activities Program check out the attached file below...

Friday, 22 April 2016 10:07

Climbing & Trekking at Easter in Plomari

Come along to meet the vertical world of climbing and walk through the paths of spring, always with a view to the big Aegean Blue, in Plomari Lesvos.

The climbing will take place in the new climbing sector "Tis Kriftis Ta Marmara" 10 kilometres west of Plomari in a characteristic grey wall with a panoramic view of the whole west coastline of the island. With 26 routes from very easy to hard we will get the chance to experiment with our bodies on the vertical rock and to lift the adrenaline as high as each of us wishes to!!!

The trekking will take place in the area around Plomari going though paths that were used once to connect one village with the other passing from steep hills above the sea level with panoramic view. The vegetation along with the colours of spring give way between bushes, olive groves and pinewoods on top, whereas the ways through the deserted rural settlements with abandoned houses and the masonry made from local slate it gives the impression of a visit to a special kind of an outdoor museum.

To see the Activities Program check out the attached file below...

Monday, 21 March 2016 18:12

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