Toumba Eco Farm

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Toumba Toumba Eco Farm

Toumba Eco Farm is located in the south part of Lesvos, in the region of Plomari. Having taken its name by the land’s morphology, Toumba (meaning “hill”), lies 500 meters over the sea surface and provides one of the most amazing views. Looking north and west one can see the green hills of mount Olympos of Lesvos whereas, to the east and south, there lies the open sea facing the coasts of Asia Minor, Inousses, Chios and Psara.

The Farm was founded and organized in the 1990s by Kostas Moukas, one of the few residents of the area who originally come from Milies. Having decided to settle here and indulge in biological olive production and agrotourism, really believing in it, in time he managed, through lots of personal effort, to create an alternative touristic destination, which now receives visitors coming from the whole world.

Today, his place have taken Margarita and their three daughters, Anna, Christina and Euphoria Mouka, who welcome every visitor in their own, receptive way.

A wide network of paths unfolds around Toumba, connecting the neighboring villages to each other and leading to locations ideal for strolling or trekking, such as the top of Kastello (there lie the ruins of a medieval fortress), the plateau of Karyonas, the creek of Arodafni. Milies, a village most underpopulated nowadays is not far away while, in the east, among a ravine, lies the small village of Kolymvatera.

It is really worth visiting the abandoned villages of Plomari since such a walk is actually a trip in history, in times when people lived in hidden mountainous places, under the fear of pirate attacks.

Toumba Eco Farm provides its own horses, suitable for beginners and advanced riders, mountain bikes for rides in the nature and full information for walking around the area, following the paths available.

During summer season, one can go down 9 kilometers to the beautiful Agios Isidoros (Saint Isidoros) beach, to swim in the crystal - clear waters.

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